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Just finished 列火如歌. This novel definitely satisfies my wuxia craving. I'm honestly not one to reread novels or read a novel that has already been made into a drama already. I like fresh things. 列火如歌 is a mysterious, thrilling, and romantic. I would categorize it closer to Gu Long's style rather than Jin Yong's and I think girls would definitely find this a easier read.

列火如歌 focuses on Lieh Ru Ge who is the daughter of the headmaster of Wu Lin's most powerful sect and 3 man in her life. The first man in her life is Zhan Feng, her father's first disciple and also her first love. The second man is Yu Zhi Han, another of her father's disciple and also the current emperor's most loved son. While Zhan Feng is very distant and cold, Yu Zhi Han although handicapped (deaf, mute, and weak legs) is like her home, when he is there she feels safe.

The most important man in this story is Xue (Snow) who was a man who loved Ru Ge since her previous life, he had become endured a 1000 years of loneliness and coldness on top of the Kunlun mountain to become an immortal so she can protect the woman he loves in her new life starting from the day she is born. To become an immortal he also pays a big price, the curse that she could never fall in love with him. It's never really stated whether Ru Ge's previous self ever loved Xue, even that little love that he said she might have had for him might just be his desperateness or just love as in a friend and not loved him as a lover.

Since this story contains alot of mystery, I do not want to reveal too much. The ending of this story is actually happy, it's just not exactly satisfying, but I think I'm just asking for too much. The author leaves alot of space for our imagination. I got the happy ending I desired, but I really felt that it lacked a love declaration. What I do think is that when she was about to say it, the guy stopped her in fear of not hearing what he wants to hear.

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sounds like a great novel. i would love to read it but i don't know chinese. glad to hear you read it though. please continue on finding new readings and sharing your thoughts.

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