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六花禁爱 Flowers of Love by 月落紫珊 Chapter 22
There was people movement ahead, exceptionally familiar, but clearly was more firm than usual. Even with dark colored clothing, under the bright moonlight,  it would still attract attention. With a look of panic, took a look around, turned and entered into some bushes on the side.
Yin Luo tilted her head up and took a look at the shining moon, secretly telling herself that the opponent had chosen a bad day.
“Where are they?”
“How come we can’t sense any trace?”
“Search quickly, can’t let that wicked person escape!”
In the distance some commotion erupted. There were movements of bright lights, the sound of hurried footsteps heading towards the direction of the bushes.
“Who is it?” Someone loudly snarled. Holding up the sword and aiming to slash at the bushes. Seeing with her eyes that it was about to cut down on the bush, Yin Luo quickly took a few steps, making a noise to reply to his question.
“It’s me!” Laughter filled her eyes as she walked forward, taking a step forward, shielding the bush behind her.
“Second Master!” That person looked carefully, a bit shocked, taking a step back, hurriedly bending down to offer a bow, “So it had been Second Master, I have done great offence! Why would Second Master be here at this late in the night?”
Yin Luo’s face was with a harmonious smile, slowly replied, “Couldn't sleep, came out to take a walk!” Shifting her eyes to look towards the tensome people in front of her. All were Bai Mu disciples, each one was holding onto a sword looking like they are ready for battle at any time. The one leading was a little familiar, it was exactly that person on the Divine Mountain that was here to escort her to deliver the Liu Hua. His name she has forgotten. For a short moment there was uncertainty, “You all like this….it can’t be that something happened can it?”
That person’s expression became stern, frowning, “Just than there was someone who broke into the prison, rescuing off the evildoer from the Mo Realm!”
“Oh?” Yin Luo’s face was full of bewilderment, “Who had been rescued?” 
“The Mo Realm’s 5th Guard, Su Xian!”
“That’s serious!” Yin Luo was more shocked, “I've heard that this person’s skills are extraordinary, and is also proficient in the forbidden arts! When in pursuit of this person, you must be extra careful!"
“We thank Second Master for the reminder!” That person politely responded. When about to take leave, hears her speak up again.
“You’re modest, I am now at Bai Mu, so worrying about each of your wellbeing is only natural. Moreover, life is only this once, so it’s only right to treasure it more so. So before doing anything, must ponder it over and over. Do not do something on impulse and commit a big mistake! You say this is right or not? “ She says loud and clear, carefully listening to the silence behind her and couldn’t help but pull her lips into a brilliant smile.
“Second Master…speaks truth!” Puzzlement surfaced in the disciple's heart. Since when had this Second Master of the Divine Mountain become this wordy? 
“And also….should not excessively dwell on everything. There are some things that after hearing should just let it go! Should not take it to heart. Or else what is just a joke at that moment, if you take it to heart, in the end won’t it be awkward?”
The disciple became more confused. What do these have to do with him? Out of politeness, he still continues nodding his head, “…..Yes.”
The bush behind shook for a brief moment, Yin Luo continued to smile, “In fact, things are often one form with two faces. Sometimes you think that it is a bad thing, but it also can be a good thing. Like my getting poisoned just earlier, seems like a bad matter. However, it was that poison that allowed me to recall some things that I had long forgotten!”
The leaves on the bush behind moved again. Yin Luo busily bends down to brush the side of her robe, causing the leaves on the bush to make rustling noises, then continued to speak, “Although it wasn’t a lot of things, just one or two things, but it was still able to clear up what I had always been uncertain about!” She spoke slowly, until there was no more movements behind her. She continued to stare at that disciple, smiling like a flower, “Do you want to know what matter it was?”
“Uh….” That disciple was a little cold-footed, looked right and left, his complexion was a little livid. Is this Second Master bored today? He was urgent to go chase those Yao Mo from the Mo Realm. It can’t be he has to stay here and continue listening on right?
“It’s actually not that big of a deal!” Without waiting for his reply, Yin Luo ignored his troubled expression and continued speaking, “It was just some joke from childhood. Back then I was only ten years old, there was someone who swore on his soul to protect me their entire life, never leaving….never abandoning!” She smiled until her eyes turned into lines, but it didn’t seem like she was talking to him, “Recalling right now….it indeed was a bit absurd. Not to mention anything else, just that ten years of age, how’s it possible to make any commitments? But at that time, I…..just happened to really take it seriously!”
She laughed while shaking her head, laughing more as she continued laughing, but was unable to refrain from pressing on her stomach. There was moisture glistening in her eyes, as if laughing too intensely, tears came out even.
That disciple though did not have the heart to note these, anxiously looking all around, gritting his teeth and clenched his fist to speak up, “Second Master, your subordinate is in a hurry to pursue those Yao Mo, will take leave early!” After finished saying so, was unable to continue to listen to her nonsense, turned around and without turning back brought along the tensome people, leaving with a livid face.
Yin Luo immediately was a bit disappointed, taking a long sigh. What to say, it’s a seldom chance for her to be able to speak out about the matters of her heart, why leave so quickly?
She stood in her original spot a bit disheartened. Only when the sound of footsteps have gone far, the bush behind her was pushed apart. A person trampled out from it, still clothed in a black robe. At the top there was some blood stain, on his back also carried a person, both arms just dangling, appearing to have already passed out.
Yin Luo was a little stunned, but then suddenly seemed to make sense of something. No wonder her puzzlement about his weakened state, so it had been two persons. Instantly shifting her eyes again to the person on his back and to his neck, there was a faint flash of silver light, it was an crescent shape. She has looked at it for a thousand years so could not have mistaken it – the jade moon pendant.
Sure enough! She wanted to laugh again.
That person stared, fixed directly at her. That supposedly handsome face was twisted, with a complicated expression looking at her. Unfortunately, Yin Luo right now already cannot read it clearly.
He pressed his lips together, appearing to have something he wanted to say. After being soundless for a long while, finally a low murmur, “Ya Tou…”
Her heart felt a rapid emptying. Yin Luo brought her hand out to press on her heart, smiling again. She had innitially thought that by not putting in her heart, then nothing would happen. It seems like it still will hurt!
“You…had known already….” Yue Ran face continued changing.
“Known?” Yin Luo laughed out loud, “You are referring to what? Known that the reason you took my jade moon pendent is to hide the demonic aura on Su Xian? Or that you were the son of Qing Yun’s head master, and have a hatred for my God race because of destroying your sect? Or also about you poisoning me?”
Yue Ran trembled violently, taking to steps backward, with a face of bewilderment stared at her, “You….remembered it all?”
Yin Luo was still smiling, that smile was like the moon in the sky, bright and illuminate, but was also limitlessly dreary, “Can’t be considered everything. Only from the moment when you kneeled in front of me and swore that in this life no matter what, would make sure that I am unhurt and well, to never go away and never forsake. From there!”
“I, Yue Ran with my soul, swear. This life would defy death to guard Yin Luo, to never leave and never forsake! To rather fail in my duty towards the world than to fail her even by a little!” The boy kneeling on the ground with the straight face that day. Now…when things are the same, he is already no more. And those words which had once shook her, right now….had become a joke!
Sure enough…. it was only because of youth! Sure enough… only foolish childs' talk!
From her heart came another wave of twisting pain. She reached her hand out draw out her bag, but only felt emptiness, and laughed. She forgot again!
“You….” Yue Ran lightly met her stare, his brows bitterly intertwined. “You, despite knowing so…. then why did you…. Why follow me here! And purposely divert those people who were following.”
“Right!” Yin Luo squinted her eyes, “Why follow you here? I don’t know myself either…..perhaps…I am waiting for you to forsake me!” She slowly said these words, the smile on her face was still that illuminate. 
She was waiting, she had always been waiting. From the time he had decided to go under Her Honor’s door, she had been waiting. This day was bound to come! But only never thought that this day would come this quick.
“I…. I….” Yue Ran had always had a straight-forward character, on his face there had never been this tormoiled an expression as like this moment. He turned his head to take a glance at the unconscious person on his back, and looked towards her again, “Ya Tou... don’t resent me, I can’t…. I can't not look after him… You are someone of the Divine Mountain, they don’t dare to do anything, but Su Xian is different. They will kill him! I can only resort to this lowly way!” 
Yin Luo was still smiling like the moon, like an illusion, “Resent you….how could I resent you? From the beginning I've never had…. Something that would eventually happen sooner or later, what use is my resenting…” With a sigh, she turned around and looked up towards the dazzling bright moonlight, disbelief!
“Ya Tou, I….” He further tightened his brows, anxious to explain something.
“Yue Ran!” But she cut short his words, when she turned around, in her eyes it was clear and bright like water, “My mother…was killed by your own hands, right?”
Yue Ran eyes quickly widened. Within, there is lightning flashing and flames mixed in with a whole lot of other emotions, seemed like surprise, like confusion, like helplessness, like guilt…..
In the end, all became stagnant, he slowly nodded.
Yin Luo could not differentiate the kind of feeling in her heart, like in a flash, something fully collasped, shattered pieces covered the ground, but unexpectedly was relieved, as if it was suppose to be like this! As if had long knew the answer, the only exclamation was, feels like this!
She once again lifted up the corner of her lips to smile, only to realize it had already become stiff, “Yue Ran, from today onward, Yin no longer your Ya Tou!”  Ignoring his slightly appalled expression, slowly closing the eyes, and takes a deep breath, when the eyes opened again, there was more clarity and firmness in them, in a low voice said, “In the courtyard ahead there is an array that teleports to the foot of the mountain, as long as not transporting by sword, no one can find you both!”
Yue Ran’s expression became lifeless, taking another glance at her, brows tightened. His face showed struggle, like was hestitant about something? His lips moved, but could not open his mouth to speak. Can only stare straight at her.
A long while after. Finally.... took a step back!
Yin Luo heard something cracking, urgently turning her back, no longer continued staring, hands pressed against the heart. By the earside, the sound of footsteps one faster than the other, each step was trampling over her heart.
Putting effort to squeeze out a smile, self comforting. Fortunately...all along, she did not take those words seriously. Fortunately....what she believed was that it was only a casual joke from childhood. Fortunately...all is.....
She cannot turn her head back, definitely cannot! Yue Ran also cannot! the direction of the footsteps, drifted over what sounded like Su Xian's low murmur.
“Where is this....have we made it out? I....” The person on his back had awakened, his words made it halfway, suddenly halted, and following it is a loud angry shout from behind, “It’s you! The second master of the God race! …..I will kill you!”
Words that carried through the gnashing of the teeth, was the same as from earlier today at the great assembly hall. Yin Luo could not refrain from turning her head back, feeling a sudden chill moving about in the entire surrounding, that pair of eyes that was tainted red by hatred appeared before her again. Before she was able to react, the person opposite had already acted, and the water-formed ice dragon from this morning comes hurling directly at her.
This time there was no longer someone there to shield it for her, she can only watch with her eyes open as that dragon crashes onto her, turning into many water drops, going through her body.
Bai Rong of Chiu Shui! She should have recognized earlier.
Inside her body, there seems to be something flowing away in great amounts, coloring those numerous icicles that went through her and in an instant melting into water.
And thus....she heavily fell to the ground, and so....the ground becomes populated with red lotus, blooming up all over Bai Mu, proud and alluring like fire.
The only sound was Yue Ran’s heart-shattering thunderous roar!
If she still had the strength to smile, she wants to smile. Su Xian, you commited a big mistake! Your killing me, doesn’t that make of.... Yue Ran who would without hestitanting, breaking his promise, and using poison to keep me here, in order to make time to save you, a waste of effort!

- - - - -

Sorry for the long wait guys. I hope the wait didn't kill anyone's love for this book T_T

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Hello ! Thank for translating this book. I can't understand or read chinese so I really appreciate what you are doing. I'm already a silent reader on SSB but my english is not very good so...^^" Anyway I wish you will continue to translate this book. Jia You !!!

PS: It's been a very long time since the last upates, makes me think about Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by XiaOyuer wich is incomplete, so I really hope you will update one day.

very intense scene..i feel sad for Yin lou...hope you can continue translating this awesome novel...thank you

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