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Another novel to be turned into a drama: Hua Xu Yin by Tang Qi Gong Zi
My first try of a Tang Qi Gong Zi novel was 3L3W10PB because it was sooooo popular and was being made into a movie by my prior loved production company Tangren and because it was staring Hu Ge. I would say that 3L3W10PB is a pretty fun read, but definitely not a favorite of mine, far from it. I'm not someone who likes fluff so much. Maybe it's because my life has been pretty calm, so I love stories that are very heart twisting and epic and all. Some weeks ago I just finished reading Tang Qi Gong Zi's Hua Xu Yin. I think I'm just very anxious to jump on the Tang Qi wagon, so I went right into another Tang Qi novel right after 3L3W10PB. Well, I'm a big fan of Liao Zhai, Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio since my kid days, so Hua Xu Yin was definitely my cup of tea and considering Tang Qi's modern-ness has toned down quite a bit from 3L3W10PB. haha, that really gets to me.

So yesterday I was just checking up about the upcoming Three Life Three World Ten Miles of Peach Blossom movie that will be starring Hu Ge. I was thinking how great it would be if Hua Xu Yin would be made into a drama. Tangren could definitely do a good job, even if not them, it's a pretty easy novel to turn into a drama. Well, my wish got answered, kinda.

Hua Xu Yin tells the story of a princess of a fallen kingdom who died to show her loyalty to her kingdom and becomes resurrected by the power of the Aqua Tear Pearl. She utilizes the power from the Pearl to weave a fulfilling dream for those who are willing to pay the price of death, using chords to guide the illusions. Through various encounters along her adventure to accomplish a missing bestowed to her, she learns about the various kinds of love and weaknesses faced in love. 

It seems from the drama summary that they not only change the title, but also changed the storyline. I'm wondering if it's SARFT again. If so, I really don't like this association. 

According to sources, this drama will start filming in December of 2012. I've never watched any of their produced drama. It seems like it's the company that produced Hu Ge's 香格里拉. I think they are rich considering they do 3D movies, but it doesn't seem that they do any drama that were popular before.


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